People call it as Ayung Rafting because the name of Ayung taken from the name of the river, which is Ayung and located on the most famous tourism site in Bali which is Ubud village.


Due to Ayung River Bali is very suitable for people who are not an expert in rafting activities. As a result, most of the rafting company in Bali allows ages from 9 – 65 years old to join the activities. So this river is suitable for family rafting. When you join Ayung River white water rafting, you will get off a mix of excitement, adrenaline boost, fantastic tropical view, a well-informed guide who able to give you the information about rafting Bali Ayung.

As you start the rafting activities, you will see Bali natural landscape that still well-preserved. Ayung River will offer you a sense of adventure and still able to enjoy the ride with amazing scenery. Therefore, you will see the valley and beautiful waterfalls.







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