Suzuki APV is favorit Mini van car for treveling in Bali, as a family private car has 6 seats. The high car make you free to find out a sight seeing. Bali Transport provide you a firendly and profesional driver to acompany you during in holiday in Bali, If you need a few days car with or without driver, you will get special price. It gives you a choice to have a car rental with various rate and you can use depend on your family number. we also offer you special rate from a normal rate for the Self drive or charter rate include petrol and professional driver.

 Transport rate per day


Domestic Rate Over Seas Rate Remark
Self Drive No Pterol Rp 225.000 USD 22 24 Hours 
With Driver + Petrol Rp 500.000 USD 47 12 Hours
Min. 1 Week with Driver + Petrol Rp 475.000 USD 40 12 Hours







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